Mission and values

Our values

Maxi is a diversified company, federal commercial and residential real estate developer, multiformat retailer, distributor and wholesale supplier.
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We keep achieving ambitious goals thanks to our united team, efficient result-oriented work, client focus, search for new opportunities and solutions.

Our values


Maxi is defined by its people. Our team is working together to achieve common goals in a friendly and supporting environment.

Development of the team and each individual employee is our top priority that lays the basis for the growth of the entire company.

As a united company, we keep up the team approach in separate businesses, departments and projects, build efficient teams of competent professionals who complement each other.

Result and efficiency

We are striving to accomplish the maximum possible results and achieve all our goals. We achieve our goals thanks to the balanced use of resources and well-calculated decisions.

We are convinced that the efficiency in business is defined not only by the volume of resources but also by the speed of decision-making and implementation.

Client focus

All our decisions are based on our customers and their needs. We are building our business undestanding the needs and desires of our customers. We strive to give them maximum satisfaction and positive emotions. 

Business development

Development assumes constant growth and improvement of the business, based on understanding of the trends and changes of the environment, development of technologies and staff training.

We appreciate our coworkers' skills of finding new opportunities for growth and improvement of the company. 


Leadership is a feature of a company that is striving for ambitious goals, achievement of which brings satisfaction and raises the company to the top.

A leader is a person who is ready to take on responsibility. This person is to be trusted and lead their colleagues.

We value our leaders and leadership qualities in our employees. We help our employees develop their leadership skills.


Constant search for business opportunities, ability to generate, develop and promote new ideas and accept all the associated risks.

Entrepreneurship demands constant reassessment of existing procedures, actions and decisions, as well as their profitability for the company, and prioritizing the company's interests.

We value and encourage leadership qualities in our employees and help them develop these qualities.