Shopping and entertainment centers

Maxi shopping and entertainment centers are modern commercial centers in Russia
When developing the concept, we aspire to create a unique product for the city and maintain the balance between the brands that are known to the city and the new ones that will create a unique shopping experience.
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The regional Maxi SEC is aimed at residents of Kirov and the region (750,000 in total).
The traffic is around 2,000 vehicles per hour.
The Maxi Mall in Kirov won the “Medium-Sized Shopping Center” award at  CRE Federal Awards 2022.
The mall brought the company the 8th Golden Brick.
The Maxi Mall is aimed at family shopping and entertainment with over 100 stores by international and local brands.
Open since March 1, 2021. GBA: 55,000 sq.m.
Some of the brands in the mall were represented in the city for the first time: New Yorker, Bershka, Sinsay, Colin`s, Familia, Rendez-Vous, Snezhnaya Koroleva, etc.
A balanced pool of mass-market tenants.
The mall has many common retail stores: L’Etoile, Sportmaster, M.Video, Misty Park, ZARINA, Befree, Love Republic, Gloria Jeans, etc.
Segments from economy to upper midscale.
The Maxi Mall was designed by the architects from Maxi Development in accordance with the trademark style of the company.
Two stories, panoramic elevators and escalators.
Wide galleries, tall ceilings, light-colored walls and spacious atriums make the mall a perfect space for shopping.
The skylights fill the building with natural light.
The mall has great entertainment facilities including the family activity park “Misty Park” with an area of 3,000 sq.m. and an 8-room cinema.
The food court includes 6 different cafes and restaurants.
The Maxi Shopping and Entertainment Center is the biggest commercial property in the Kirov region.
The ground level parking has 1,300 spots.
The mall is located at the bank of the Northern Dvina in the Mayskaya Gorka district with a population over 154,000 people (including the neighboring regions).
Open since October 15, 2016. GBA – 65 500 sq.m.
The concept of the Maxi mall is developed professionally and aimed at family shopping and entertainment. The shopping gallery includes over 100 stores.
Three floors filled with fashion stores of over 40 famous brands.
The tenants include: Maxi grocery hypermarket, Sportmaster Hyper, Detsky Mir, M.Video, Gloria Jeans, Familia, Sinsay, L’Etoile.
Unique brands: New Yorker, Snezhnaya Koroleva, Terranova, MODIS, etc.
The 3rd floor of the mall has the biggest family entertainment facility Superpark that includes over 30 types of amusement.
The total area of the park is over 3,500 sq.m.
The mall does not only have entertainment facilities for children but also for teenagers and college students. It is a good place for family leisure.
The entertainment facilities include a shooting range, a rope park and the Palestra fitness center.
The multiplex Mirage cinema is equipped with modern projectors, sound equipment, a 200 sq.m. screen and Auro 3D sound system.
6 rooms with over 700 seats in total.
Cafes and restaurants to suit every taste: “Ferma Rogera” grill bar with a panoramic view over the Northern Dvina, the “Iris” coffee house, “Hlebny Dom” bakery, etc.
The “Presto” pizzeria is located in the main atrium.
The food court includes 7 restaurants of famous brands (Vkusno i Tochka, Burger King, Subway).
The Maxi mall has over 10 cafes and restaurants in total.
The traffic on the adjacent street (Leningradsky Prospekt) is over 1,500 cars per hour. The free parking has 1,200 spots.
Winner of CRE Federal Awards 2017.
The biggest mall in the Tula Region is located on the right bank of the Upa river. The parking includes 3,000 spots.
Open since November 27, 2015. GBA: 105,350 sq.m.
Major international brands are represented in the mall: OBI, H&M, New Yorker, Colin’s, Terranova, Reserved, Cropp, Sinsay, etc.
Over 30 brands are not represented anywhere else in the city.
The mall has stores of common local brands: Sportmaster, Detsky Mir, L’Etoile, Zarina, Eldorado, Gloria Jeans, Befree, etc.
The shopping gallery includes over 180 stores.
The grocery operator in the mall is the Perekrestok supermarket with a renewed concept: more fresh goods, ready meals and baked goods.
The total area of the supermarket is 3,500 sq.m.
Maxi is a super-regional shopping center aimed at family leisure.
The tenants are brands ranging from the lower midscale to upper midscale category.
The following restaurants are represented in the mall: “Druzhba” pizza bar, “Coffee Cult” cade, pizza restaurants “Presto” and “Tomato”, “Burger King”, “KFC”, “Subway”, “Vkusno i Tochka”, etc.
In total, there are 20 different cafes and restaurants.
The Misty Park with an area of 5,000 sq.m is located in the mall. This is the biggest entertainment facility in the region suitable for people of all ages.
The park offers over 50 sporting and gaming activities.
The 8-room Cinema Park is marked by its high service standards and movie definition quality.
Visitors have an option to see movies in 3D and IMAX.
The Maxi Mall plays an important role in  the cultural and social life of Tula residents. Various events with family activities are regularly held at the mall.
A 55-meter high Ferris wheel is installed in the parking lot.
Maxi is one of the biggest malls in Petrozavodsk. The two-level underground
parking has 440 spots.
Open since August 4, 2012. GBA: 55,755 sq.m.
The mall houses over 100 stores, restaurants, entertainment and service facilities.
The grocery anchor is the Perekrestok supermarket.
Some of the tenants are M.Video, Sportmaster, Snezhnaya Koroleva, L’Etoile, Gloria Jeans, Love Republic, Mango, Chester, Funday, etc.
Over 20 brands that are not represented anywhere else in the city.
The three floors of the mall house various restaurants: “Vkusno i Tochka”, Burger King, and an Italian restaurant.
There are 15 cafes and restaurants in total.
The Mirage Cinema includes 6 spacious and comfortable rooms including a VIP room with sofas and tables.
The cinema has over 800 seats.
The mall plays an important role for the region and is aimed at family leisure.
Holiday events and workshops are regularly held here.
The mall is located in the middle of Petrozavodsk, on Lenina Prospekt - one of the main and busiest streets in the city.
Around 80,000 people live within a 20-minute walk from the mall.


Powerful pool of anchor tenants – Russian retail leaders: Detsky Mir, Sportmaster, L’Etoile, M.Video, Zarina, Gloria Jeans, etc.
Children’s entertainment centers and recreation parks, food courts, cafés and restaurants – everything that is needed for family leisure
International brands not represented anywhere else in the regions: H&M, New Yorker, Bershka, Sinsay, OBI, Reserved, Colin`s, etc.
Biggest cinema operators and modern multi-room cinemas, including IMAX
Spacious free parking with over 1000 spaces
Countless online and offline advertising opportunities
Active marketing support for stimulating the customer traffic: holiday celebrations, exhibitions, workshops and more


head of real estate department, Sportmaster Group
Nikolai Yuskiv
Maxi’s main characteristics are their carefully selected locations, market leadership in the city, and competent management of the shopping centers.
Investment manager New Sinsay, «LPP group»
Nikolai Makarov
We are happy with this partnership, and we hope to start other projects and continue developing together.
head of family entertainment parks: Jungle Park, Misty Park
Pavel Mozalevskiy
They are always open for dialogue. We reach agreements and have mutually lucrative terms. That is why we are working together.
deputy development director in Russia, COLIN'S
Andrey Yakovlev
Maxi always values partnership in work. Management of the shopping centers is conducted professionally, at the highest level.
regional head of development, L’Etoile
Sergei Dubrovin
Maxi shopping and entertainment centers hold leadership in their cities. They are marked by a wisely selected pool of tenants, and they are very attractive for the customers. Maxi shopping malls are ahead of their time.
development director, Familia
Aleksandr Grishak
Many companies are building shopping centers but just a few succeed in making them an entertaining and vivid social project for the city. Maxi constantly provides great quality and is always on time.
chain development director, Snezhnaya Koroleva
Roman Kuliev
It is a pleasure working with Maxi because the shopping center actually interacts with all its tenants instead of purely performing the administrative role.